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微软拟让IE浏览器退休 全新浏览器拟改名转运-手机买球官方网站

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本文摘要:It was once used by nearly 1bn people, making it one of the world’s best-known technology brands. But even Microsoft, its maker, has been forced to admit that it is deeply unloved.它一度有将近10亿名用户,使得它沦为全世界最著名的科技品牌之一。


It was once used by nearly 1bn people, making it one of the world’s best-known technology brands. But even Microsoft, its maker, has been forced to admit that it is deeply unloved.它一度有将近10亿名用户,使得它沦为全世界最著名的科技品牌之一。但现在就连它的开发者微软公司(Microsoft)也不得不否认,它十分不不受青睐。

Internet Explorer — the software that launched the browser wars of the 1990s and became a symbol of the Seattle company’s former stranglehold on the tech world — is about to be ushered into retirement.Internet Explorer(全称IE)将要被卸任。这款软件曾引起上世纪90年代的浏览器大战,沦为总部坐落于西雅图的微软公司曾多次掌控科技世界的标志。The group said this week it would not use the IE name for the new browser it plans to deliver with the next version of its Windows operating system, due this year. The revised software, codenamed Project Spartan, is intended to catapult Microsoft beyond the Web 1.0 world for which IE was designed.微软公司本周回应,订于今年发售的下一版Windows操作系统自带的新浏览器将仍然用于IE这个名字。


新的浏览器代号Project Spartan,微软公司意图凭借这款新的浏览器跑出IE面向的Web 1.0世界。With Spartan, Microsoft hopes to vault past IE’s weaknesses to produce a browser that is more suited to a digital life lived on multiple devices — part of the strategy of new chief executive Satya Nadella to break the company’s reliance on its old personal-computer monopoly.微软公司期望凭借Spartan乘势打破IE的弱点,研发出有一款更加合适多设备数字生活的浏览器,这是新任首席执行官萨蒂亚纳德拉(Satya Nadella)战略的一部分,目的是超越微软公司对自己过去独占个人计算机(PC)的倚赖。Tom Bedecarre, chairman of Akqa, a digital advertising agency owned by WPP, said the 20-year-old brand was long past its sell-by date. “In the war of the future, which is mobile, they’re losing. Nobody’s going to download Internet Explorer as their mobile browser.”WPP旗下的数字广告公司Akqa的董事长汤姆贝德卡雷(Tom Bedecarré)回应,IE这个早已20岁的品牌早就过了保质期。


”Microsoft has admitted that it failed to make IE a more loved part of daily life over the years. It even resorted to self-mockery in some of its advertising, referring to it as “The Browser You Loved To Hate”. Nearly a decade ago, Dean Hachamovitch, then head of the IE business, confessed: “We messed up.”微软公司否认这些年来它没能使IE沦为人们日常生活中一个更加不受青睐的部分。它在一些广告中甚至调侃IE,称之为其是“那款你讨厌鄙视的浏览器”。近10年前,当时的IE业务负责人迪安哈查莫维奇(Dean Hachamovitch)就否认:“我们搞砸了。

”“It’s been a product problem for a long time,” said Dan Brewster, a senior interactive designer with Wolff Olins, the marketing agency. People used it, he added, only because it was pre-installed on their computers or because they were required to by their employers.市场营销公司沃尔夫奥林斯(Wolff Olins)的高级交互设计师丹布鲁斯兹(Dan Brewster)说道:“这款产品早已有问题了。”他补足说道,人们以往之所以用于它,只不过是因为他们的电脑上笔记本电脑了它,或他们的雇员拒绝用于它。


Designed to counter the rise of browser pioneer Netscape at the dawn of the internet, IE was delivered free with the pervasive Windows operating system, a tactic that made Microsoft the target of an antitrust investigation.IE是在互联网问世初期,为对付早年大受欢迎的浏览器网景(Netscape)而设计的,微软公司将它笔记本电脑在普及率极高的Windows操作系统上,这种作法曾让微软公司沦为反垄断调查的对象。It overtook Netscape within three years and went on to account for an estimated 95 per cent of browser usage soon after the turn of the millennium. But first the open-source Firefox browser and then Google’s Chrome ate into IE’s market share. It has fallen to about 20 per cent, similar to Firefox, while Chrome has risen to nearly 50 per cent.IE在将近3年的时间里就多达了网景浏览器,到千禧之交后旋即,IE据估计已占浏览器市场的95%。




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